ROOFTECH offers a wide variety of roof testing services, including moisture analysis utilizing infrared, capacitance, and impedance moisture evaluation, Factory Mutual negative pressure (wind) uplift testing, leak evaluation and water testing, hail impact testing, gravel gradation, core sample analysis, and microscopic analysis. The Testing Department at ROOFTECH can assist you in evaluating virtually any roofing or waterproofing problem

We have a highly qualified staff of professionals including Registered Roof Consultants, Registered Roof Observers, Architects, Engineers, and Certified Infrared Thermographers. Our staff has varied background with over 100 years combined experience in the roof consulting industry.



Whether evaluating a roof for wind or hail damage, water testing a project to identify the source of leaks, or testing roof samples for quality control ROOFTECH provides professional and efficient laboratory and field testing services including but not limited to:

  • Roof Product and System Analysis & Moisture Content Testing (Gravimetric)
  • Wind Uplifting Testing FM 1-52 & Built-up Roof Test Cuts (ASTM D-3617 and D-2829)
  • Softening Point Testing (ASTM D-2398) & Gradation of Gravel (ASTM D 1863)
  • Fastener Withdrawal Testing & Impedance/Capacitance Moisture Testing
  • Hail Impact/Desaturation Analysis (ASTM D3746)
  • Infrared Thermography & Microscopic Analysis

Testing Methods

ROOFTECH has set the industry standard through their use of multiple testing methods. Our testing has saved millions in wasted maintenance dollars by identifying areas and quantities of wet insulation and helped resolve major claims. Our staff is highly trained in the use of the most advanced methods of roof testing. We pride ourselves on quality, accuracy and timeliness.


ROOFTECH’s state-of-the-art Laboratory allows us to provide fast, analysis. Most of the work in done in-house by our full time laboratory technicians.



Experienced Personnel

In-depth understanding of roofing systems and their performance is necessary to properly utilize these testing tools. ROOFTECH’s experience in the analysis of roofing is unsurpassed.