Project Profiles

ROOFTECH has completed well over 3,000 projects on some of the most difficult roofing and renovation projects in the country, since being founded in 1983. ROOFTECH has a long track record of solving complicated roofing and waterproofing problems and implementing solutions to those problems, as well as consulting on large complicated new construction projects. Below are a few examples of our projects.


Lincoln Center, Dallas, Texas

ROOFTECH performed evaluation and testing services involving a major wind loss on the 4 buildings mid-rise complex. The building experienced straight-line winds in excess of 100 mph that resulted in substantial wind damage to the roof and curtain wall. We worked with the owners and their insurance carrier to assess the damages. We then provided design, bidding, and construction administration services for the replacement of the roofs on this large prestigious complex in North Dallas.

Exxon World Headquarters, Irving, Texas

ROOFTECH performed the roof design, inspection, and testing for the roof system for HOK Architects. This is one of the largest slate roofs in the United States. The biggest obstacle in design was to provide proper expansion and contraction for the slate. The proper design of the attachment of the Welch slate to the deck was critical.



American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas

ROOFTECH performed the roof design, inspection, and testing for the roof system for HKS Architects. There were very complex roofing and waterproofing issues involved in this building. One of the critical design issues on this domed roof structure was the membrane type and attachment. There were numerous roof gardens, plaza decks, and below grade training facilities on this project as well.

International Terminal D, DFW Airport, Texas

Terminal D is a 2,000,000 sq ft facility capable of handling 32,000 passengers daily. ROOFTECH performed consulting services related to the design and construction of this extremely complex metal roof for Austin Commercial who served as the CM at Risk. The solution utilized elements of roofing, waterproofing, and curtain-wall design. We also had to coordinate with 3 architectural firms during the process.



Modern Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas

The Modern is a 53,000 sq ft facility designed by Gold Medal award winning architect, Tadao Ando. It is recognized for its stunning water features, reflecting pools, and cantilevered roof. ROOFTECH performed consulting services for KHA related to the design and construction of the roof system. The roof line is one of the important design elements of this building. One of our main challenges was to design the edge detail to meet the aesthetic goals while maintaining waterproofing integrity.

One Shell Square, New Orleans, Louisiana

ROOFTECH performed emergency evaluation services, design, and inspections on these roofs. They sustained significant damage in August 2005 from Hurricane Katrina. Being the tallest building in Louisiana at just less than 700 feet and its location on the coast in a hurricane prone region subjects the roof to significant wind uplift pressures. The roof design had to sustain the wind uplift pressures while maintaining a “zero” edge metal profile at the perimeter of the roofs.